• Sarabethany

    The Reckless Traveler

    December 9, 2010 by Sarabethany

    First note: I totally forgot I was the one that started this Wikia, though coming back after months I am glad to see it is self sufficient, and I take no credit in it, or running it. This Wikia has taken on a mind of its own, and I am proud of all the writers on here. Second note: For the sake that I have multiple chapters, and the fact that most people would like comments on their writing (not just me) I suggest that we write our stories under blog, and then have like summary page and that's that (Popular Page), again this is a suggestion. Third Note: This story is a prologue to the "First Story on The Wiki" (Sovreign) :). I would get rid of the name, but that's giving me credit for the story. So yes, S.B. Montgomery is Sarabethany..…

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